NRF Credential

Retail Industry Fundamentals Training Course and Credential

The Retail Industry Fundamentals credential from the National Retail Foundation helps train and advance both entry-level retail associates and first-time job seekers. It is an industry-led and validated program that focuses on five core areas:
– Basic work fundamentals
– The business of retail
– Customer focus
– Getting and keeping jobs in retail
– Selling
Retail Industry Fundamentals consists of 15 modules that include learning and interactive content, quizzes, knowledge checks and self-reflection opportunities. Training materials are available in two formats:
– Instructor-led classroom training: 20-40 hours, depending on group size
– Self-paced online training: approximately 10 hours, depending on learner


Course Materials

Learners will receive a learner’s guide for each module, which will serve as a reference to prepare for the assessment exam.

Trainers will receive a trainer’s guide with verbal prompts and guidance on activities and timing as well as quiz answers. Trainers will also receive a PowerPoint slide deck to guide the training.